Rosalie’s Best Boston Cream Pie

NOTE:  This tried and true classic is still as popular as ever, so full of goodness, it is hard to stop at one piece.  The homemade custard filling sends this cake/pie over the top.  The Parker House Hotel in Boston, claimed this creation in the…

Pan Seared Crusted Salmon Filets on Kaiser Rolls

NOTE:  Your are absolutely going to love, love, these sandwiches.  The salmon is pan-fried with a seasoned crust on the outside, and succulent meat on the inside.  The filets are topped with sweet basil, fresh tomato, avocado and sweet sliced purple onion.  These are mouth-watering…

Rocky Road Ice Cream Cake

NOTE:  I make this cake for Father’s Day, and really, all through the summer.  It is pure delight, loaded with lot’s of chocolate ganache, cookie crumbs, and candied pecans.  The whole family will love this cake, especially dad. 

Rosalie’s Meat Sauce over Rigatoni

NOTE:  This dish is wonderful, and so easy to make.  You will love the tenderness of the meat made with ground turkey, along with the savory sauce served over rigatoni.  This is a must-have recipe.

Sesame Seed Dinner Rolls

NOTE:   These rolls are crunchy and delicious and are perfect to accompany any soup or meat entree.  Serve them hot with a pat of butter and watch them disappear. 

White Yogurt Pudding Cake

NOTE: This cake is like a mouth full of satin from the texture to the filling.  The buttercream icing has the flavor of almond that gives it a wedding cake feel.  Topped with shredded coconut, it is irresistible.     

Beautiful Caprese Salad

NOTE:  This salad comes from the Isle of Capri, and could be one of the most popular of Italian salads.  If possible, use only vine-ripened tomatoes and fresh grown basil for the best flavor.

Pasta e Fagioli Soup

NOTE:  Pasta e Fagioli is a delicious classic Italian soup and can be found at most Italian restaurants. You will love this version, and the whole family will love you for making it.  Serve with your favorite crusty Italian bread.