Take A Walk

Greetings everyone!  I must tell you that 2018 came in with a bang of sickness for Bill and me.  Maybe it was too much Christmas, too many cookies, and too many demands all piled up in a few weeks’ time. I have to say I worked hard for the 21 people that came.   Whatever the cause, with the New Year came a little bit of everything.  The first two weeks was coughing, sore throat, fatigue and respiratory infection, which left us quite miserable.  While we did have a week of reprieve, the first week of February brought us Influenza B.   We console each other, accept all the good wishes and prayers from our friends, and…. lay on the couch a lot.


We have had more chicken soup than can comfort the human soul.  Honey, tea, juices, Nyquil, Tylenol, and all the wellness tips that our sweet friends could afford to send our way.  The only one not affected in our family is our dog “Cappuccino.”  While he doesn’t understand why we are home every day, he is very grateful.   This morning, he jumps out of bed and runs to the back door with tail wagging.  This means he wants to go out for a “walk,” not just go out.  I know this, because when I open the door for him, he just stays in place starring up at me.


I decide to please him, thinking that maybe the walk might make me feel better.  It’s been a while since I’ve been out, and I begin to thank God for the beautiful day.  It is a cold day, but thankful for the sun that warms me through the cold.

Just being able to walk and enjoy Cappuccino makes me happy.  The fact is, I realize things could be so much worse.  I talk to the Lord as we walk, and one thing I know for sure, He is watching over us.  I realize what the Bible means when it says, “this too shall pass.”  When we get back home, I pick Capps up and give him a hug.  Sometimes, just the little things, like walking with your dog, brings all things into perspective.


While we are all waiting for the first signs of Spring, be sure to make the Broccoli Cheese Soup in my Rosalie Serving Country Cookbook.  It is another one of those feel-good soups that help us feel better all over.    Just remember, Spring is on the way, so hang in there, and you might just want to… “Take A Walk.”