Spring Cleaning?

Can I say, “I Love Spring?”  It could very well be my favorite time of the year, with the amazing Cherry Blossom trees all in bloom, colorful Tulips popping up everywhere, and my little Grape Hyacinths spreading purple joy all over my garden.  Not to mention the many faces of Daffodils, Pansies, Snowdrop Anemones and one of my favorite… the glorious Lilac bush.   I’m thinking of taking up residence in my back yard.  You know, with one of those little pop-up campers?  Just the heavenly scents alone could cure all my ills.  And…most of all, I could pretend I didn’t have a house to clean!

For instance, I decided I really needed to clean my bedroom… after all, it is Spring.   It only took me 8 hours, and I can honestly say, there were still a few areas lacking.  Like the ceiling fan who had dust piled up in layers.  I think these little dust bunnies contacted all their cousins, aunts, and uncles from within a hundred-mile radius.  Under the bed, there were dust monsters of every shape and size; it was a deep dark hole of scariness!   My dresser top looked to have collected garage-sale items from 3 different countries.  It took me at least 2 hours to decide what to keep and what to re-sale.  After the overall of vacuuming, dusting, washing and re-hanging the shears, and whisking away cobwebs…I took a picture.  It will remain on my smart phone to display on every social media I can find.

As for the rest of the dust in all the outlying areas, this is contributed to my inherited Labradoodle, Friedman, who contributes his blessings of lush white fur, that wafts through the air like soft drifting snow.   So, I ask you?  Is the Spring thing, the main thing? Now, that is the question.    I am really considering hiring a cleaning technician.  I wouldn’t want to insult her.

Hey, everybody…enjoy the flowers, and cook up a Rosalie Serving dish from either of my cookbooks, Rosalie Serving Best Loved Italian, or Rosalie Serving Country.  Happy Spring!