The Party Is A Dip


I think America must be on a “dip” overload, after cruising the dairy and deli isles yesterday at the supermarket.  There were dips of every kind: ranch, bean, cheese, avocado, sour creams, hummus, tomato, and vegetable, Mexican, Mediterranean, Somalian, Asian, Thai and every other country you can name. I must say dips are versatile, fast and a good way to appease your company while they wait for a more substantial food dish.  Pile on the chips, pita wedges, wheat thins or plain crackers, and everyone is happy.   In fact, as many will say, “no party is complete without the dip.”


I just had to jump in because I have one of the greatest of dips, and no doubt one of the most popular, that hopefully will find its way on every party table.   It is none other than Best Spinach and Artichoke Dip with Toasted Pita Wedges.  I knew this was a great recipe when I first found it and tweaked it to make it my own, but it was confirmed last Wednesday when I made it and served it to the Dierberg folks that attended my Game Day Frenzy cooking class.  After one pass around the class, they were throwing me accolades and scrambling for any trace left in the dish.   I always ask the question at the end of each class, “What dish on the menu did you like the best?”  While they said that was very difficult, the consensus was the dip.   They also loved the dessert at the end, the amazing Oatmeal Raisin/Cranberry Cookies, which I will definitely have to share with you another time.


I thought I had better get this dip recipe up today, so you could all run out and get the ingredients to make it.  As I have stated many times, it is always better to make as many things as you can homemade, avoiding preservatives, fillers and way too much sodium.  Please share this one with a friend, they will love you forever!   Do sign up for my newsletter, and visit my many cooking videos on YouTube.   Above all, don’t forget to tell someone about my new website,


Happy Dipping,