My Honey, My Husband

Hi Everybody!  Well here we are again, approaching the Love Day, Valentine’s.  I really think this day is overly commercialized.  And, while I love all of the attention my husband renders, I can’t help but to think this is another version of Mother’s Day.   Think about it.  Roses, candy, chocolate, lingerie, perfume, and any other gift you could come up with…is it not all aimed at us WOMEN?  Of course, it is!


Well, how about the “Honey” in your life?  If you have a hard-working, loving and caring husband, a good father, and one who is willing to lead you and your family in the fear of God, then you have a treasure to be held dear.  Now, I know some of you are already saying…”What?”  I would like just a few of these merits.”  Well, he may have some short comings, but I have found that kindness, not hardness, can produce some good results.  Maybe just a little more praise and respect, than the constant nagging.  So much for my holiness, and believe me, I do fall short.   Yes, I know we have Father’s Day to honor our husbands, but what about a little magic for the “Honey” in our lives?


Believe, me, they too enjoy a mushy card, an invitation to Outback, or, maybe just a home-cooked meal with a pretty table, flowers and candles.

Berry-Filled Angel Food Cake

And for good measure, throw in the kids!  However, you decide to celebrate, just remember; Valentine’s Day is to show love for the loved ones in our lives.  I have heard it said that men are simple:  all they want is three things.  Honey???, Companionship, and Respect.  I think you can interpret…ha-ha.


So,  take a little time and make one of my favorite dinners:  Chicken Piccata, Caprese Salad, and Berry-Filled Angel Food Cake.  Check out these recipes on my recipe page.

Happy Valentine’s Day,