Mr. Peppers Repents

Mr. Peppers, our Havanese puppy, was a year-old last February 6, 2021.  Some of you that have been following Mr. Peppers, have inquired about his behavior, since that has been an issue for the last year.   So, let me further explain our puppy, Mr. Peppers.  We have determined that he is multifaceted.  For instance:  Mr. Peppers is like a Labrador Retriever, in that he sniffs out your slippers, belts, gloves, bath brush, spatulas, and any other thing he thinks he needs to add to his reservoir.  This of course also labels him as a Packrat because at any time beneath the coffee table, you may find one or any of these items. Then there is the Woodchuck.   Although Woodchucks do not really chuck wood, they are a destroyer of landscape. Thus, we have also labeled him as a Woodchuck.  This is because we find pencils, once upright and useable, in a pile of shavings, or any other object made of small wood.  He also must be part Cougar, because he runs laps all around the couch, yard or anywhere there is open field.

Our breeder, Miss Judy, tells us to be patient, that Mr. Peppers is only a toddler, and extremely active.  I am thinking, if the terrible twos are coming up, we are all in trouble, since the ones have been no patty-cake. Furthermore, after reading the history of Havanese dogs, the fact is these dogs need exercise, walks, training, and much attention. Did I say much attention?

All in all, I must say Mr. Peppers is a sweetheart, and is always sorrowful when corrected.  He comes to tell me when Cappuccino, our blind 14-year-old Shih Tzu is in trouble so we can free him or help him find his way.  He comes every time we call him, cuddles us for no reason, and engages in an alarming bark when anyone comes to the door.  What would life be without Mr. Peppers!?