Mexican Tonight?

Hey everybody…what’s for supper?  Did you know that of the three meals a day that most of us take in, we never ask….” what’s for breakfast?”  Or, “what’s for lunch?”  No, whether we are at work, or school, or just out and about, the question always floats through our mind…” What’s for Supper?”  “What am I going to make for supper?”

Usually the mornings are a busy time, with mom and dad getting ready for work, Johnny scrambling around looking for his lost homework, and the dogs dreading the kennel for 10 hours.   Breakfast could very well be on the run.  Grab a pop-tart and out the door.

Lunch is usually taken it at work, school, or maybe even made the night before, and is usually no big deal.   Pack a sandwich, apple, and a flabby left-over piece of pizza, and we can be appeased.


But Supper!  This is the time when the long day is over, and we are so looking to relax, hopefully around a good meal.    Johnny found his homework, the dogs are out and running amok, leaping up all over everybody, and dad has the newspaper in hand.  Mom is standing, looking in the refrigerator, and lamenting that she forgot to take the hamburger out of the freezer the night before.  All day, mom is thinking…Italian? American? Mexican? What am I going to make for supper?


Rosalie to the rescue!  I say, Mexican Tonight!  My recipe, Mexican Grilled Chicken, Fajita Vegetables, and Roasted Ears of Corn, will not only hit the spot, but you  will savor the memory for a long time.  What I love about this meal, is that you can prepare most all of it the night before.  Marinate the chicken, cut up the veggies and store them in a big bowl, and prepare the corn.  When you get home from work, turn up the grill, get out the fry pan…and voila!  Dinner is on the table, all in 15 minutes.   How about that?  So…. Mexican Tonight?   Say “yes” to the dish!

Have fun,  Rosalie