How About Them Apples!

Hi everybody!  An apple a day, keeps the doctor away, and a bunch of apples all piled up in a Fresh Apple Cake, makes my mouth water, or, even thinking about my big juicy Fresh Apple Country Pie all tucked under a crusty sugar crust.  These are just two of the outstanding recipes in my Rosalie Serving Country Cookbook. This is October, and you can find apples by the bushels in your favorite markets.  They are red, yellow, green, and even pink!  The recipes for using these chunky jewels are bombarding us from everywhere.  They are sure to validate the season of the beautiful fall days.


Turns out that a lot of families celebrate apples in different ways.  One of my coworkers at the hospital tells me that a few of their family members get together every year and make apple butter; complete with a professional apple peeler, big iron cauldron, and plenty of sterilized jars all set to complete the project.  Another friend takes three days off with her daughters to make several fresh apple pies, only to freeze each one so they can share with family all winter long.


I can remember way back in the day when we, as church ladies, made crusty fried apple pies many afternoons in our church kitchen.  People would see our sign out in the church yard; Fresh Fried Apple Pies, $1.50 each.  They would stop by and buy a dozen at the time, stopping to eat one as they got back in their cars.


Just the feeling of coming into a kitchen with the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar is enough to calm the most troubling soul.  I thank God for coming up with idea of harvesting apples in the fall; they absolutely go together.  Think about it.  What would the harvest parties be without bobbing apples, kids holding a candy apple, or a big pan Apple Fritters to pass around the bonfire?


So, I must share my recipe of Appel Fritters with all of you, right out of the pages of my Rosalie Serving Country cookbook.   This recipe is so easy, even your kids could make these.  Make them with apples of your choice, all stirred up with flour, sugar, egg, milk and flavorings, then drop them in hot oil and fry them in batches.  Roll them in powdered sugar, and pop them in your mouth while they are still warm.  Oh, my, are these ever wonderful!


I would just love to see the expressions on the faces of your husband and kids when they come into your kitchen tonight, saying…. What is cooking, and what is that heavenly smell?  You just might reply… How about them apples?