A Holiday For Love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it is on this holiday that the love letters flow, boxes of candy fly off the shelves, and long stemmed roses peer out of ribbon-tied vases, and all for that special someone in our lives.


I love Valentine’s Day, mostly because I am blessed to have a romantic husband that loves to shower me with gifts, cards, and whatever crosses his mind.  One year he made a large sign and posted it in our yard for everyone to see.  It said:  “I love Rosalie…she is my Valentine”.  I have to say it was a little embarrassing, especially because of the left over Christmas lights he used to border it.  People were actually driving down the road tooting their horn in approval….probably laughing their heads off.  Because Bill loves to make signs for anything he believes in, one never knows what might be displayed.


Another thing about this lovely holiday, is that our economy will surely get a boost.  Restaurants will be filled, date nights will include one of the many attractions held everywhere, and the late night desert shops will stay open for a cupcake and coffee.   I say, it is all good!


If you decide to forfeit the late night dessert, just come home to my fabulous Turtle Dove Pecan Cheesecake, one of the most decadent deserts ever!  It stands tall with a chocolate graham cracker crust, chocolate/vanilla swirled filling topped with real chocolate sauce, candied pecans and caramel drippings.  Now, just savor over that for a while!   Be sure to make this lovely cheesecake for that special someone and they will love you to the moon and back.


Happy Valentine’s Day,




A piece of Turtle Dove Pecan Cheesecake

A piece of Turtle Dove Pecan Cheesecake