The Green Salad

Today is St. Patrick’s day, a day that the Irish Americans boast their heritage. There are parades in every major city complete with kilts and bagpipes, the wearing of the green, and of course many Irish restaurants along the way. Today there will be many of us, who are not even Irish, enjoying our corn beef and cabbage. I do hope many of you tried my rendition of the Corn Beef and Cabbage and Soda Bread that I posted last week. I did receive many rave reviews on both, but especially the soda bread. I must say the soda bread could be one of my favorite. Hot, and right out of the oven with plenty of butter, one could definitely forget their troubles.

I did, however, forget to share with you the salad I designed to accompany the Irish meal. I simply called it “The Green Salad,” and it is simply that…a green salad. I chose a complete little head of Bibb lettuce, plopped it in a bowl, stuck three or four green onions in it and served it slathered in a wonderful olive oil/lemon dressing. That’s it! I was looking for a salad that would be fitting for the Irish, and I thought that after the heavy meal with the corn beef and soda bread, one would need a light and tasty salad. The Boston lettuce, which is out of the butterhead lettuce family, can also be called “Bibb” lettuce. The flavor is sweet and succulent, and the smaller Bibb is highly prized by gourmets. It is many times served with rich and succulent dishes.

So, when you make your Irish dinner tonight, I do hope you will consider the “green salad.” It really is wonderful.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

A buttery sweet taste with a olive oil/lemon dressing.

A buttery sweet taste with a olive oil/lemon dressing.