Game Day Frenzy

Having the privilege of being a teacher at Dierberg’s School of Cooking has been great fun for me.  I usually teach about six classes over an 8-week period. Dierbergs is a well-known grocery chain in the St. Louis area and also in Edwardsville, Illinois.  Six of these stores house a cooking school where people can come and observe a full meal being prepared in front of them, while they take notes, and hopefully go home more versed on the art of cooking than they were before they came.


At this time of the year, these days are filled with football mania and the Super Bowl, my classes are currently centered around “Appetizers.”     I have decided that an appetizer is most any type of food made small enough to stick a toothpick in it and pop into your mouth.  The varieties are insurmountable, with croissants filled with anything from sushi to various spreads topped with jalapenos, meatballs, fruit or veggies.   There will be dips, sauces, cheeses, chips and deli breads of every kind.   Some folks will resort to a more elaborate spread featuring anything from pulled pork to their best homemade chili.


As many of us are now in the throes of dieting, I have come up with the perfect appetizer…Guacamole.   Did you know that avocados are one of the healthy fats that are so good for us?   They are loaded with heart and brain-healthy fats, and can be used as a substitute for spreads on sandwiches, in salads, toppings on chicken, hamburgers and even fish.   When avocados are made into guacamole, they really exceed all expectations.   I love it on most anything; wheat crackers, tortillas, tostadas, over chili, red beans and rice, or even on your egg sandwich.   The other guacamole ingredients are also heart health; cilantro, lime juice, jalapenos, tomatoes, onion, and garlic.  Wow!   My mouth is salivating just typing this.   You will absolutely love this recipe, and so will everyone who comes to your party.  Don’t forget to cover the leftovers tightly with clear wrap and store in a glass dish; avocados have a tendency to turn dark once cut, and doing this will delay the process.    Happy Super Bowl,


This is the best!

This is the best!