Don’t Worry – Be Happy

Hi everybody, hope you are having a wonderful summer.  This morning an unusual thing happened.  As I entered my middle bedroom, where I try to spend a few minutes in prayer before I start my busy day, my eyes glanced at the plaque on the wall.  It read, as it does every morning, “Don’t worry about anything, instead; Pray about everything.”  The verse is Philippians 4:6. I have probably read this verse a thousand times, but today it hit me…Don’t Worry?  Tell me, who doesn’t worry?  I admit, I worry.  About the fate of my America, our future, my children, my grandchildren, my finances, and on and on and on.


I must admit worrying weighs me down, interrupts my sleep, causes me to feel sick, messes with my mind, and most of all weakens my faith.  It causes me harm, and it is not consoling.   And yet the plaque read back to me…don’t worry about anything!  Wow!  Could I actually take God at His word?  After all, what was I thinking?   He is the Greatest, all Powerful, Almighty, the Lord of my Days, the only one who directs my path.  My prayer was mostly apologizing to God, and asking Him to give me more faith to believe.


I thought of the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy, which was just a song that everybody sang way back in the 90’s.  Written and sung by musician Bobby McFerrin; it was a catchy tune that all of us caught ourselves singing, but of course never believed.


Now, I know none of you worry…NADA!   On the contrary, all of you worry, and I know this, because you are a person like me.  We are all human, and at times we forget that we have a great big God, who really does hear our prayers.  I think I will just leave the worries to Him, and do what He said, “Pray about everything!”


There will still be heartaches, disappointments, pain and trouble.  But!  God said He would never leave us, nor forsake us, and He will be with us, even until the end.  For sure, I am going to stick with Him!


I am choosing to be at peace today, create some new recipes, and enjoy the flowers in my yard.  I hope to have these recipes called Summer Sliders the Best of Summer Sandwiches up on my website for you to enjoy.  Just tap in to


Have a Great Day, and Don’t Worry, Be Happy