Daddy’s Girl

With Father’s Day right around the corner, we once again remember all of the funny things that come to mind concerning dads.  You can read them on many of the Father’s Day cards.   Things like: “Don’t tell your mother I let you do this.”  Or, “I brought you into this world, and I can surely take you out.”  How about, “Do I really look like I’m made of money?”  or “Did you really think the car could run on fumes?”


Yes, we all really have to chuckle, especially when we as little girls, now all grown up with kids of our own, look back on all the things our dads would allow.


One thing that stands out in my mind was the night my dad bought me a $325.00 accordion.   It was 1952, and I was just 8 years old.   I was the last of three children, and it was just me and dad home alone when the doorbell rang.  A man with what looked like a suitcase stood at the door.  He was a door-to-door salesman selling accordions.   “Just want to show you this accordion,” he said, “can I come in and demonstrate?”   These were the days of Lawrence Welk, and everybody knew the beautiful music an accordion could make.


After just one hour, my dad was sold.  He put a down- payment on the accordion, and promised to pay the rest in one year.   He would get me lessons, and soon I would be playing just like Lawrence Welk.  My mother worked evenings at the nearby electric plant, and it was about time to pick her up.  Dad worked as a butcher in the daytime, and they agreed that for a short time, mom would pick up some extra work so they could get ahead.   Dad looked at me and said, “Now don’t breathe a word of this to your mother,” I’ll tell her soon enough.”


As soon as we arrived back home, I began jumping up and down and said, “Mom, just wait until you see what dad bought me tonight!”   I wish all of you could have seen the look on my dad’s face.


After much drama, and dad getting the lecture of his life, he reached down and pulled me to him and said, “But wait until you hear her play.”  After all, she is my little girl!


I did go on to play the accordion, and later in life the piano.  All of those lessons, and dad listening to every practice!


This is just one of a million stories that describe the heart of a father toward their little girls.  I’m so glad we had each other.


Happy Father’s Day.






Father's Day Cake: Chocolate Strawberry Ganache

Father’s Day Cake: Chocolate Strawberry Ganache