Change the Table Runner

Does anybody out there have the post Christmas Blues?  You know, when the Christmas tree comes down, the angel is boxed away, and all of the candy get’s farmed out to the neighbors.  It’s like weeks and weeks of preparation, and then all of a sudden George Bailey and the bank closes on everyone.  Changing seasons can be tricky, and while we still want to hold on to the past, we hear the words of our elders,  “Time waits for no man.”  So there’s only one thing to do:  change the table runner.   Now, I don’t know about you, but when I get the blues,  I change the table runner.  It gives me the good feeling that I have gone on to bigger and better things.   It let’s me know that  I don’t have to live and lament over the past.   I go into the garage, look on the shelves and get down the totes labeled, “table settings.”  I get out a new table cloth that I think suits the winter weather, and a pretty wintry table runner that complements the January festivities.    Wow!  Everything takes on a new feeling.  My mom used to say, “always keep the table neat, you never know when someone will drop by.”  Did you know that the kitchen table in our homes make a huge statement?   Not only to our guests, but the family will notice almost immediately.  It’s like, “look everybody, mom changed the table!”   It lets everyone know that  we have a new outlook on the time frame we have now entered.

Table runners, napkin rings, place mats, and even pretty dishes should not be a thing of the past.  Why not dine in style once in a while?  Even if you have a busy household with kids running around everywhere, you can still have the basics for a pretty table.  I have a beautiful wood table, but I must admit that when I have a lot of company, I place a thin piece of clear plastic over the pretty table cloth and the table runner.  That way, spills can easily be sponged up, but the pretties still show through.   The January sales make it possible for us to cash in on some beautiful table settings for half the normal price.  Re-sale shops are also a great resource for a ton of beautiful accessories, some of which have never been opened.

I say, brighten everyone’s spirits with a pretty table.  The kids will say, ” Who’s coming over.”?  And you can say, “why all of you, of course.”  Welcome in the new year by cooking up something yummy and setting your lovely table just for your family.  They will feel so special, and the new season will be finalized because mom “changed the table runner!”



Table Runner