A Cake for Easter

With Easter just around the corner, I was brought back in memory of how much my mother loved this holiday.  We would go to church during the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday more than any other time of the year.    Mom would always emphasize how sacred the Lord’s passion was, and that without His sacrifice, none of us would be saved.  For some reason, I can remember that my behavior was always on its best during this time of the year.  Maybe it was the fear of God, but somehow I think it was the fear of mom, or maybe it was my respect for her reverence and prayers during this time.   I must say, it did make me feel more secure knowing that my mom had a direct line to God.   Her influence had a lasting effect on my life, and I followed right along with raising my children in a Christian home.


I can remember her sewing me a pretty Easter dress, and she would always get me new Patton leather shoes.   If the weather was raining, or even perchance a snow storm was in store, we would still wear our Easter clothes under our coats and bring the umbrella along.  Church was special on Easter Sunday, and even my grandpa and grandma would show up.  In fact, the church was full because whether you went to church or not, for some reason, you knew you’d better get there for Easter.   Easter was the day you connected with your belief, when you acknowledged that you needed to profess your faith in the Lord, and to identify with His great salvation.  It was a good feeling and one that I always wanted to keep.


The Easter dinner was also a fond memory.  I can remember my older sister and her family and my older brother sitting around the table.  Mom would take such pride in her Easter dinner, and it was her joy to serve us her special pasta dish, along with a traditional ham and side dishes.  The best part, however, was her dessert.   I can remember one year when she served this beautiful 3-layer white cake with some kind of cheese-like filling with cherries and nuts.   I think if I tried, I could still taste that heavenly dessert.


With only two weeks away, I find myself thinking of my own family, and how thankful I am that this Easter all of my three adult children and their families will be in church on Easter Sunday.  I must give thanks to my mother, who raised me to love God and His ways.  I think she would be so proud to know that her influence inspired three generations.   Both her and my father live on in our hearts.  And yes, there will be a 3-layer cake on our Easter table.  I think I know just the one…Rosalie’s Italian Cream Cake.   Happy Easter everyone.