My Summer Sweet

Sweet, soft and delicious!

Sweet, soft and delicious!

Here we are in the thick of summer, with the kids catching fire flies, bedtime curfews out the window, and even the pets enjoying circling the grills for droplets of barbeque.  Summertime!  The time of the year when life seems to take on more memories than one mind can store.  Grandparents, loaded with camera, are visiting the zoo, water parks, and spending more money on their grandkids than they counted on.  There is little time to even take a breath.  We make lemonade by the gallons, buy more hot dogs then can be ingested, and definitely try our hand at the best desserts to carry to the church picnic.


This brings me to my topic…my summer sweet.  There are so many things that I love to make during the summer, one of which is homemade shortcake.  Did you know that shortcake was found in a European recipe book as far back as 1584?  It got its name from adding shortening or butter to the flour to make it a crumbly texture.  Some would call it a biscuit, or a scone, but for sure, just short of a cake.  And definitely not the yellow sponge cakes we see next to the strawberries in the grocery store.  No, indeed, homemade shortcake is crumbly, sweet, and seriously delicious!


So, in between all the activities and the planned vacations, give your family an awesome summer treat…my homemade shortcake.  Now, I know strawberries are the favorite, but you just may want to try the sweet peaches that are in right now.  Mix them in with a few blueberries, and you have a peach and blueberry shortcake out of this world.   Dinner on the deck is calling for something special, and whatever the fruit, top it with lots of whipped cream and capture the joy.  Get the recipe on my recipe post.

Happy summer,