Falling UP


Country Apple Pie

Country Apple Pie

Country Apple Pie

Every time I think of the fall season, I think of Shel Silverstein’s poem…Falling Up.  It goes like this:


I tripped on my shoelace

And I fell up-

Up to the roof tops,

Up over the town,

Up past the tree tops,

Up over the mountains,

Up where the colors

Blend into the sounds.

But it got me so dizzy

When I looked around,

I got sick to my stomach

And I threw down.


This is exactly how I feel when September ends and October starts.  It is like I just can’t go fast enough to get ready for two major holidays, plus changing out clothes, winterizing the rose beds, canning the last of the tomatoes, teaching fall cooking classes, and all the while trying to maintain my weight loss program.  I think I am falling up and I don’t dare look down.  Especially when the video for my newsletter is my famous and delicious, marvelous, mouth-watering, Country Apple Pie.


Just thinking about the pie makes me want to forfeit all of my 26 weight watchers points for one day, and indulge in 3 pieces of the cinnamon buttery syrup, all wrapped up in Miss Granny Smith’s apples.   Not to mention my Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pie Crust, to top it all off.  But NO!  I must be strong.


Maybe I should get out the speech I just gave to the Ladies Bible Study group in Terre Haute, Indiana.  I told the ladies that God is always for us, thinks about us constantly, has plans for us to prosper and not to fail, and that if we miss one day on our Bible reading we are still in his graces, and have not backslid!  These are soothing thoughts, and I must remind myself that Life Happens!  Does this count for ditching my weight watchers points?   Perhaps if I try my best to meet with Lord every morning, even for just a few minutes, I may not spaz out to the point of no return.


There is something to be said of prayer in the morning.  When I get out of bed, I immediately thank God that I woke up.  It really is a great thing, you know. I keep the thanks and praise going while I am fixing coffee, getting dressed, making the bed, letting the dogs out, and gathering the first load of clothes.  I hope I don’t make God dizzy.  Actually when I feel myself “falling up,” I make myself sit down, take a deep breath, and reflect on how good God is.   I love the scripture:  “If God be for us, who can be against us?”


So, keep going everybody…and remember it is good for our body, soul and spirit.  We may not get it all done, but at least we can have fun trying.  God bless, and enjoy the beautiful fall season.