Save Me a Roll


Thanksgiving could be the best family time of the year.  It is stated that people will travel from miles around just to join their families, not only for the biggest feast of the year, but to re-unite with their loved ones.  It is a time of remembering, enjoying, and reflecting back to the days of our youth.  Just thinking of this holiday starts our salivary glands to well up in our mouth.  We hope Aunt Mary will make your favorite pumpkin molasses pie, or that your grandmother will make the dumplings you love in her rich chicken broth. We dream of our mother’s cornbread stuffing, and we always cherish dad’s fried turkey.   And on and on goes the tradition of our favorite foods.  The calorie count in on hold, and we let ourselves plunge into sheer joy over our favorite foods.


I have to say I love to cook during the holidays…from Thanksgiving, to Christmas, to New Year’s and to every other special day that we gather to celebrate our heritage.   But, Thanksgiving may be my favorite, and if I had to choose my favorite thing, it just might be my Sweet Yeast Rolls.  Actually, what would the dinner be without a hot roll right out of the oven with lots of real butter slathered on the top?   I do hope when the Lord prepares us a dinner in heaven, He will let me make my rolls.


Since my dog groomer is so good to me all year long, and “Cappuccino,” my Shih Tzu, loves Miss Laura, I thought I would cook up a small scale Thanksgiving dinner and just treat the whole staff.  I roasted the turkey this morning, added the essential sides, and popped the yeast rolls into the oven.  When they were right out of the oven, I delivered the dinner.  The smell of warm yeast in the car all the way to the groomers, just about drove me wild.  I was so tempted to reach over and grab one, but I resisted because I knew I couldn’t stop at one.


So, please have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and do make these wonderful rolls.  Everyone will love you forever!  God Bless and enjoy your family!


Love, Rosalie





Rosalie's Sweet Yeast Rolls