Just Dad!

Grilled tender meat with roasted marinated vegetables.

Grilled tender meat with roasted marinated vegetables.

Father’s day is just around the corner, and unlike Mother’s Day, they don’t get all the flair and fancy we bestow upon our moms.  Maybe, because they are the less complex of the two, and it takes so little to please them.   In my mind, they need very little…their truck, their tractor, and their remote.  Well, maybe a few more things, but for the most part, if my dad had a good meal and the daily newspaper when he came home, we hardly knew he was there.


My dad was very content to let mom rule the house and the kids.  One of his favorite responses when asked a hard question was… “Go ask your mother.”   Another response was, “Now, don’t tell your mother I let you do this.”  Yes, our dads can be funny, but don’t ever underestimate their strength.
Fathers remain the biggest source of strength for a child.  Just knowing that my dad was going to be there, that he went to work every day, and that he always came home at night, was enough for me to feel safe.  Even though mom made many of the decisions in my growing up life, I knew that my dad still had the power, the knowledge, and the direction for my ultimate destination.


For sons, their father is the strongest person they know, and most every son wants to take pride in their dad, cherish their advice, and lean on their wisdom.  A strong bond between father and son will last a lifetime.


I realize that not everyone is blessed to have a dad, but whomever the Lord has allowed to be in your life to fill that role, be thankful.  A strong male figure in the family is the foundation on which the family is built.  These are difficult days for many families, and the absence of the father in the family has weakened the family unit that God put in place from the beginning of time.  So, give dad some praise, love on him, and have a memorable father’s day this June 21.
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