Fall for Love

Opening my door this morning, I was met with a blast of very cool air, enough so, that I went back in for my soft warm jacket.  Cappuccino, my Shih-Tzu, was wondering why the delay in his daily morning walk.  I explained that it was too chilly, and of course he wagged his tail with understanding.


As Capps was enjoying his sniffing, I was taking in the enjoyable change in the weather, the beautiful newly potted mums on my neighbor’s front porch, the asters in another’s yard, and the explosion of the purple fountain grass in many landscapes.  I concluded that this fall weather with its magnificent explosion of color is really a season to love.


Another change with the fall season is the one that invades our kitchen.  We break out the pumpkin, cinnamon, sugar and vanilla.  We whip up pumpkin soup, bake butter-nut squash, topple apple pies, and revel in our cinnamon coffee cakes.  We act like we’ve never had a pumpkin pie, so we go out and stock up on cans and cans of pureed pumpkin.  We order pumpkin lattes, pumpkin pancakes, and pumpkin ravioli at our favorite restaurant.  Anything pumpkin is the rule, and until we have tried the latest pumpkin recipe, we can’t be satisfied.

Pumpkin Walnut Swril Cheesecake

We also change our wardrobe and get energetic about cleaning out closets.  The summer things are packed up and the fall and winter take up their residence.  The resale shops see us coming with a ton of cast-away, and we feel good about replacing some of the old with the new.  The only problem? I have brought home the same suit I gave them last year.  But, all in all, we love the thought of warm sweaters and fancy fur coats.

Ah, yes, October is the beginning of our game change, preparing us for the masses of colors that will shortly explode, the gateway to our upcoming holidays, and most of all, a reminder that Christmas is just 12 short weeks away.  Oh, don’t shoot me, I just thought you might want to know.

Enjoy this wonderful season while you can; sit on the porch and sip warm apple cider.  Watch the leaves change color and let yourself Fall for love.

Happy Fall,