My Best Side

Hi Everybody!  Beside a thousand leaves to be raked, twigs galore laying in my front and back yard, and a ton of housecleaning to be done, I have to tell you that it’s this time of the year when I lay in bed and think about all the lovey dishes I want to make for Thanksgiving. Why?  Because I have flowing into my home tons and tons of food magazines where each one has a favorite dish that their grandmother could only have made to satisfy their family.  And, just for us, they have shared the secret recipe!  This always amazes me.


The lists go on and on, and some even get ridiculous.  Like the Spinach/Kale Bake with Chestnuts and Cream Sauce; actually that doesn’t sound too bad.  But take the traditional mashed potatoes, and start adding creamed corn, green onions, chunks of cornbread and chives, and then baking them with cheddar cheese and cornflakes on top until crisp.  Or how about taking stuffing and adding anything that randomly comes to your mind, like, turnips, radishes, turkey livers, and hazelnuts.   A bit much, don’t you think?


Now, I love to create, but I don’t think the Thanksgiving table should be a testing- of-the-palates sort of place. I have to say, it is fun to make some of the best tried-and-true favorites that everyone will enjoy.  This is where my new cookbook, Rosalie Serving Best Loved Italian comes in.  You will find some of my favorite side dishes:  Golden Crusted Cauliflower, Garlic Cheese Mashed Potatoes with Chives, Green Beans with Garlic Crusted Potatoes, and one of my favorites, Creamy Mushroom RisottoAnd without a doubt,you may even want to try my mother’s famous Italian Sausage Dressing.


Any one of these above mentioned recipes will bring you rave reports, and you may be the star cook of the holiday.  So, get the grandkids to rake the leaves and pick up the twigs.  Give the single mom in the church some extra money for Christmas in exchange for cleaning your house for one day, and do what you love…cook!  And don’t forget the Sweet Yeast Rolls, right out of my Rosalie Serving Country cookbook.6.1.Creamy Mushroom Risotto PASTA & SAUCE


Happy Thanksgiving